Friday, January 1, 2016



             Having returned home from a last minute painting job which had me a bit worried that it could lead to trouble I bid my sister Puppy good night and headed home. Still a bit shaken, I take a shower letting the water sluice down over my skin, pouring the soap into a pouf and lathering it up before gently washing along my body, the suds gently slipping down along my breasts and stomach leaning my head back letting the shower spray rain down on my skin as my hand gently sluices the suds away. Reaching out, I turn the water off stepping out into the room filled with the hot steam of the shower, picking up a towel I begin to dry my hair wrapping the towel tightly around my head, then reaching for another towel I begin to dry my body, relaxing more so as I wrap the towel around me and proceed into my bedroom to find some clothes. Dressing in a warm sweater dress I settle down to check my cell to see if any new calls have come in and checking my voice mail I return a call to my sister Faith talking about the messy paint job I had helped my other sister puppy with earlier in the night, looking down in confusion as call waiting alerts me to another call I ask my sis to hold on a moment as I am receiving another call, answering tentatively hearing a man's voice on the other end whispering softly, "It's time...". My eyes widen as I stammer in a near whisper myself, " How do you mean please?" listening as I hear a soft chuckle, his reply of, "Oh, you know exactly what I mean..." followed shortly by, "Kach, tell me, how good at you at running away?". Swallowing as I listen to his words my face paling as my hands begin shaking my attention returning to the cell call as he speaks again. "Count to 3 for me, dear.", feeling the blood drain from my face I switch the call back to my sister Faith telling her what is happening fear making my voice tremble, looking about the house trying to check all the doors and windows to be sure everything is locked, changing the call back to the man and answer softly with, " one " his voice soft replying, "Go on.." my breath coming faster as I stand in the middle of the room stammering a little, " t..two " switching the call back to my sister I tell her my fears that someone is close maybe even in my house about to grab me panic beginning to take hold as my heart races, switching back I hear his voice, "Mhmm, and....". Frozen in place. as the last number looms ever so close, fear making me hesitate to reply, parting my lips ...whispering ever so softly,"three" and at the same time hearing just over my shoulder a man's whisper saying three as well, trying to run I feel his hands grab me pulling me back as a cloth soaked in some type of sweet-smelling substance pressed over my face my gasp of surprise giving me so much a whiff of it as my head begins to spin.

         Struggling in his grip each inadvertent in drawn breath making me dizzier till I am struggling not to pass out, his hand wrapped tightly about my arm holding it behind me in a near painful grasp he leans forward whispering harshly into my ear,"You're going to give me all the information I require. Understand? And if you don't... you may never set foot outside the hideout ever again...". My eyes widening in fear at his words as he holds me tighter lowering the cloth from my face just as my vision is blurring having to lean against him to remain standing, feeling his hard body behind me catching a movement out of the corner of my eye barely able to focus, but gasping in shock as I see a ball gag his words soon wafting along my ear, "Open up..." his tone strict and sure, letting me know I had better comply, parting my lips he places it in my mouth quickly fastening it as I struggle to remain upright, whimpering in fear as I feel the coils of rope being looped about my arms chest and wrists worrying what he may have in store for me.

            Chewing nervously on the gag as he kneels down tying my legs as well, the rope tight about my ankles and knees, he stands before me clasping a leash to my collar his voice hard and cold "Lie, or try to escape, it will result in unnecessary force, understand?"nodding gently as my head is still spinning a bit, my body shaking as the fear courses through my veins as he takes me to his car to head back to his headquarters, as we travel I notice a few familiar streets my heart dropping as I realize this was the man owning the office sis and I had painted. He pulls up in the back part of the building helping me from the car, crying out as I nearly stumble falling against him, his hands steadying me briefly as he takes hold of the leash leading me to the garage doors nearby as we approach they open quietly, as if oiled well and set on quiet tracks, shivering as a gust of cold wind whips about my body trying to follow as best as I can, my tiny mincing steps unsure but quickening as I struggle not to fall too far behind.

           The garage door closes behind us the urge to try to run overwhelmingly as he leads me though the mostly empty room a few vehicles and the row of cells, the thought of ending back up in one nearly making me faint from fear as my thoughts race with how helpless I would be, at the mercy of their whims.... nearly tripping on the stairs as he leads me up them cringing as we pass his office and passing through another door I take in the sparse furnishings the single chair sitting under a light swallowing as he leads to the chair fastening another rope about me to hold me in place he sits on a crate across from me his features showing his anger as I cringe back from him against the back of the chair. Unable to stop myself I wince as he reaches out and removes the gag, my eyes lifting fearfully to his face as he begins to speak, "Must have been a lot of fun to be here with your friends and paint... do you have any idea just how much it will cost to remove all of this? Well? Do you? Okay, you're going to answer a few questions girl...". Shaking my head no to his first question my mouth so very dry from fear as the tip of my tongue slips out tracing my lips listening and trying to not infuriate him farther as he continues to talk, "First, were you responsible for the painting of my office and the club, or was it someone else..."
            Stammering a bit I answer him quietly my gaze only looking up in small glances feeling so very trapped but not wanting to give my sister up I ponder how best to answer truthfully as I dislike lying even now as it can lead to so much trouble and I had enough on my hands as it was, "Originally it wasn't my idea sir I well I ...helped sir " his gaze intensifies on me his expression hidden mostly by his sunglasses my hands trembling uncontrollably behind my back as he asks, "I have a witness, the doorman, who claims you and Lady Syeira and one other were present. Lady Syeira had captured you and purposely locked you two away in the backroom. Now tell me, doll, who was the other one that accompanied you..." feeling trapped by his words I look up fearfully feeling myself getting closer to tears as I realize my choices ...lie or ...refuse to say, for me that really left no choice.

         Taking a deep breath I quietly answer, " I would rather not say Sir " my gaze lifting hoping I had not made him angrier as I waited in trepidation of his answer,"Is that so? Going to hide the name of your friend, are you? At least you know how to live by our code of not giving away a friend's name and keeping your trap shut. But you will give me your secret, one way or the other... " standing as he speaks looming over me I suddenly find it hard to breath my vision wavering for a moment as the fear takes over but steeling myself, thinking only to protect my sister silently vowing to myself to not lift another paintbrush for this type of mischief again, cringing back as far as I can as he withdraws a knife brandishing it before me then tracing the blade along the top part of my sweater the blade reflecting the light brightly as I watch it slipping along the front of my chest swallowing hard as I answer, " I  ...I will take all the blame, Sir, please...I am truly sorry Sir "

            His features hardening upon hearing my answer I press back harder against the chair my eyes widening in fright as he speaks again, "It's my belief that Lady Syeira trapped you and your friend in cells. It seems we had a brief power outage that caused problems with the cameras, but I don't suspect she did anything wrong. She had a show to do according to my schedule. So, that leaves you and your friend being the ones responsible for this mess.You tire my patience girl..." reaching out with the knife and his hand slicing my dress from me the tattered remains falling to the floor about the chair as I am left only in the lingerie beneath it, the blush rising fast and vivid along my face as I look down shamefully my lips quivering as he stands over me fear that he will take more clothing from me till I glance up, hearing him speak, "The hour grows late though, so, consider yourself lucky that this interrogation will be delayed until tomorrow. Use that time to think about your answer and your options, it may be the difference how you shall be punished. Do you understand?" nodding softly my voice lost in fear as he pulls me up from the chair to lead me back downstairs, the cool air of the garage surrounding me, chilling my body more so now than before as I have so much less on the thought making me blush redder as I stand there shivering stumbling  bit as he tugs on the leash leading me closer to the cells stopping in front of one.

          Pausing I glance overseeing him pulling the gag out again swallowing as I realize he intends to gag me again he says "Open your mouth ..." his tone stern leaving no room for argument, I open my lips and he slips it into my mouth then fastens it securely continuing to speak,"You will remain here tonight, and we will continue this ordeal tomorrow. I hope by then you will know that it is better to give up the name of your friend. You will not enjoy the punishments I will give you otherwise, I assure you." his words sending a chill through me as he has me enter the cell the door clanging and clicking shut behind me making me jump turning about looking through the cell bars I see another man joining him, shrinking back farther into the cell as I hear his next words, "From this moment forward until I release you, you belong to KADS, and to me." then turning to the other man he instructs him that I am to  remain in this cell until he is done interrogating me, that this is a serious matter and I am not under any situation to be released  or otherwise touched, that I am his possession for now...the, for now, part sent chills through my body.

           Moving father back into the cell sitting on the small bench within curling up as the cold is beginning to make me shiver listening to them speaking outside the cell their words sending chills down my spine as I hear them mentioning sis, confound it why had she had to sign her name, the one seemed to know of her making me worry twice as much till I hear he is unsure of where she is now, breathing a small sigh of relief till noticing movement out of the corner of my eye nearly screaming as the loud clanging seems to echo in the cell, looking up the man is holding a small piece of pipe rattling it along the bars then turning back I hear their plans for sis, the blood draining from my face my fear for her making me shake all the harder, crossing my fingers that they don't find her. Glancing up as I hear one set of footsteps walking away I see the newcomer still standing outside my cell, his hard gaze as he peers in making me shrink back tighter into the corner jumping again as he suddenly rattles the pipe along the bars chuckling as he turns and walks off, the click of the lights as they turn off making me shiver as I curl up tighter trying to stay warm the fear of the unknown haunting me as I try to sleep.

           Sleeping fitfully throughout the night, the sounds of doors opening and closing, footsteps passing through nearby, each time waking and looking about as the fear jolts me awake. finally, in the small hours of the morning, I give in to sleep, curled up tightly in the corner, the stress, fear, and worry had taken their toll on me. Later that day the lights flick on the sudden brightness waking me as I hear footsteps approaching turning and stretching a little on the bench I look up seeing him again, watching warily as I spy some sort of bundle hanging my his side then paling as I recognize it as a camera, chewing on the inner side of the gag nervously, the sides of my lips sore and tender from the straps digging into the skin around my mouth I wince shifting about nervously as he begins to speak, "Good morning, I hope you rested well. After last night's deduction, I have no doubt that the real perpetrator will be caught, though as you confessed, you did assist in the scheme so your punishment will not be light by any means..." trembling anew as I hear his words I shrink back against the corner again looking down as the fear courses through my body as he continues to talk, "I have good news and bad news, which do you wish to hear first?" I glance up shaking my head lightly as I have no way to answer the helplessness of my situation sinking in farther listening as his words reach me through the bars of the cell,  "Leaving me the choice, eh? Very well. Let's start with the good news. The good news is, thanks to you and your friend's little prank, I've done a couple of things. First, I'll be installing some stronger door locks, so that something like this doesn't happen again... in addition, I was able to procure your wallet from your purse and I've had all the money taken out to repair for the damages. People seem to approve of the darker tones in the lobby, so I'll keep it that way, so in a sense, you two did me a little favor. The bad news is, I've taken a fair liking to you my dear, especially you being all helplessly bound and gagged, so, I plan to use you in all ways desirable to me. You seemed to naturally want so badly to be allowed to stay here on a prolonged basis, well, your wish has been granted, though not in the way you would prefer I think. You'll be kept here, and will be subject to any predators wants and needs."

        Shock filling my mind as I hear his words my breath caught in my chest as I think of being trapped here helpless against any predators needs his words not needing an explanation as my imagination fills in the gaps, closing my eyes briefly I dearly hope that I can find a way out of this mess, when suddenly the small cell lights up in a quick flash of light crying out in startlement as I look over the camera raised in his hands as the soft whirring sound of the shutter finishes, my eyes widening in shock as he takes more pictures the blush staining my cheeks as I try to cover myself at least a little, then silence I look up warily then listen as he tells me to stand that the "real fun " is about to begin, shakily standing as my fear mounts, the click of the lock sounding loud as he opens the door attaching a leash to my collar and pulling me out farther he leads me to another door and through it, taking me down a hallway stopping just outside another door. Instructing me to go inside remove what I have on and wear one of the dance outfits inside then to enter the stage area to dance for him and his crew if I tried to escape or take to long things would be unpleasant for me. He removed my bindings and the dreaded gag and opens the door for me as I stepped past him trembling like a leaf into the darkened room seeing outfits hanging up I walk up to them, my fingers trailing softly over the myriad of different fabrics some with so little to them as to barely be clothing I find on of gold and purple sequins dress that could be suited for dancing though a bit short. Reaching back I unfasten my bra and cincher then slipping out my garter belt and hose my fingers lightly kneading along my arms and legs easing the tight muscles from being tied so long I slip the top and skirt on and find a pair of shoes to match that, amazing, fit fairly well. Taking a deep breath I walk from the room and down the hallway the door leading to the stage seeming to be the hardest door to open. reaching out and turning the knob I walk into the backstage area immediately spying the steps leading up to the stage, my heels clicking lightly along the wooden steps then onto the stage I swallow nervously standing in the center next to a chair biting my lower lip nervously.

             Looking out through the lounge area I notice several men other then my captor my nervousness increases as my gaze is directed at him as he raises a hand letting the gent at the piano know to start, then nodding to me to begin dancing. Shakily, as first my steps a bit uncertain, I begin dancing using the chair as a prop so I am able to concentrate more on the dance and the music then those about me, my turns becoming more fluid as each soft click of my heels takes me into the next step, my hair swirling softly about me as I reach and stretch, a light sheen of sweat soon appearing along my body as the tempo increases, catching small glimpses over my shoulder toward him as I dance on the stage, stumbling a bit as his words for me to strip and come to the table in front of the stage reaches me, my body beginning to shake as I walk down to the main floor and begin removing my clothing, the other men reaching out and touching me taking each item as it is removed till he has them back up, telling them they will have a turn in time, my heart jumping into my throat at his words. He held up the ropes with an evil grin and informed me I would be dancing atop the table bound and then showing me in his other hand a small vibrator, to encourage me to dance more provocatively, the blush flames along my cheeks deepening to a vivid hue of bright red as he binds me placing the humming vibrator along my folds biting my lower lip as he helps me up atop the table to begin dancing for him.

              Stepping gently about the surface of the table the men gather in closer, the blush deepening along my cheeks as I am sure they can hear the low hum, the vibrations flowing along my folds and against my will, beginning to make me wet, each sway of my hips as I try to dislodge it at least enough as not to keep teasing me seems to only make it move to a more sensitive spot, whimpering softly as my hips roll seemingly of their own will glancing about, their hungry eyes upon me as I feel my inner thighs and folds getting wetter, hoping the lights would be low enough for the telltale wetness to go unnoticed but my heart sinks as I glance to my captor seeing the knowing glint in his eyes as he raises his gaze to mine smirking. His following words have me crying out in shock, "I hope you've enjoyed your freedom, now there's a new place you are destined to be employed at - my lap.." falling into his arms as he tugs me onto his lap, trembling ever so hard as his hands slide over my nude form moaning softly as he tugs on the rope between my thighs increasing the sensation of the vibrations along my folds and now pressing along my clit, my juices soaking the ropes.

            His hand resting on my hip as his fingers are curled about the rope near my folds he pulls me in closer his breath wafting along my breasts just before his lips trace along my nipples, then his tongue circles about my nipples as I squirm on his lap biting my lip feeling the eyes of his men on us, watching, as I struggle not to have an orgasm while straddling his lap. My helplessness all to keen as his fingers tease me through the ropes, his lips and tongue warm, leaving a wet teasing path along my breasts as I moan softly fighting the coiling waves of pleasure beginning to flow through me. The sound of a door opening and then the familiar padding of paws has me looking up in shock, feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of me as I see my sis being led into the room, my heart falling as I see the bindings on her and the man that had scared me in my cell holding her as they walked toward us.

                He lifts me from his lap pulling me with him as he approaches my sis, her ears drooping a bit and her tail her tail tucked tightly along her leg showing her nervousness at having been caught, my worry increasing as he speaks to us, crying out against my gag as I hear glass breaking nearby, looking over and seeing the Syeira had dropped a glass her shock at seeing my sis must have got to her, hiding her expression just before the man yells at her telling her to clean up the mess. He places gags on us both and with a sinister smile my gaze glancing toward Syeira knowing her nervousness was from the painting of his office and club.  He approaches us as he speaks pulling a knife out, stepping closer to sis, tracing it along her clothing before slicing it off my breath held as I cross my fingers in hope he would not let the knife slip and hurt her, paling as I hear his next words, "I think this is as good a time as any to proceed with the punishments that you two have most certainly earned..." cringing as he leads us to another door glancing at sis as I try to swallow the lump in my throat I nearly stumble as my leash is yanked hard, watching as he falls hard the knife flying from his hand and then laying still. My eyes wide in shock as we stand there finally seeing his breaths through the rise and fall of his back then looking at Syeira in astonishment as she comes over her words even more shocking, "Don't say a thing, I'm going to help you two get out of here!" her fingers tugging fruitlessly at the bindings but able to get my sister's loosened enough for her to run well, I pause his words filling my mind not to run, but my sisters tugging spurs me to try even though my ties hamper me greatly, pausing at the door as the men stand in front of it, but they step aside, unsure as to why I help sis as best as I can stopping when I realize my bindings will hinder us too much telling her to go on, my sister's kiss on my cheek and then watching her get to safety is wonderful for a brief moment till I hear a shot and a sharp sting the world suddenly fading to black, my thoughts before losing consciousness are at least sis escaped.

         Slowly regaining consciousness I open my eyes seeing a door and part of a wall, closing them again as I realize I am back in the building and that he must be nearby, then hearing another softly groaning nearby I begin shaking trying to see dearly hoping it is not sis. Cringing as I hear him beginning to speak, "You all are just in a heap more trouble... I've figured it all out now... every little bit... and now, your dear sister thinks she can get away, well, everything is going accordingly to my perfect plan... she had not prepared a well enough escape..." his words pausing I hear his footsteps approaching closer  "And as for you, my buxom brunette assistance, you can expect this will become a permanent part of your record here... and you'll get deservingly punished as well...". Kicking us both with the sole of his shoe, wincing as my body is moved , soft whimpers falling from my lips from behind the gag as he attaches ropes and pulls us both along the floor the rough wood quickly leaving abrasions along my breasts and thighs, gritting my teeth about the gag only a few small whimpers slipping through I breath heavily as he stops near a chair with a rack of different whips and paddles, a tear finally slipping from the corner of my eye, swallowing fearfully as he steps to Syeira grabbing her by the hair and pulling her helpless body over his knees his words harsh and cold, "You should know to never meddle in affairs of your superior, girl, you of all people should know that!". The sound of his hand cracking along the skin of her ass fills the room cringing as I hear each one, shaking as I know he is most likely going to do the same to me my fear  breaking me out in a light sweat as I lay there helplessly trembling, my breath catching in my chest as I hear his words a moment before he reaches over pulling me over his knees.

            As he settles me firmly on his knees talking to me, "Now it's your turn sweetie...Had you just stayed behind and not ran away, I might have reduced your sentence.. but now you will see how vengeful I really am..." his hand raising and connecting hotly with my ass the sting spreading quickly with each subsequent smack, each one stinging more then the last soon my ass was feeling as if it is burning, my spine aching from fighting to be still and not to cringe too much as the ache spilled over into fire along my skin as tears begin to stream down my face, the pain becoming too much as I cry out against the gag my body shaking from overwhelming sensations of pain and humiliation barely noticing another coming in till he stops and they begin speaking. He stands me up, my legs shaky and to my surprise releases me, with the warning, " You may go now...but this is not over." nearly sobbing in relief I go home on the way stopping by my sister's house to check on her, then heading home to take a long shower and heading to bed laying on my stomach as my ass is still sore and falling fast asleep grateful for the reprieve.


  1. i thought you were joking when you told me he darted you. OMG. *blushes* can we say EEEEPPPPPP?? Very yummy job sis.. huggles

  2. No I wasn't sis he has a dart gun, not sure if painting is a good idea unless we can find dart proof clothing, but I also heard that he is installing better security.